10 Fortnite Players with Best Stats

The Fortnite community has own big names and star teams. The following list has been compiled based on abilities, visibility, and win count. Each of these gamers has own unique style and strengths. Here are the players of 2019 with the best fortnite stats.

1. Tfue

This player loves gaining elevation, attacking rivals from above and trapping them in their 1×1. Tfue is skilled at confusing competitors. While an enemy is stuck, he creates own roof, then edits it to make a fast shotgun blast. Next, the edit is reset, which leaves the opponent puzzled.

2. Ninja

Ninja is one of the biggest Fortnite celebrities, and for a good reason. His percentage of wins goes beyond 30. Ninja was a pioneer of Fortnite streams and the record holder for most kills. In terms of overall wins, he comes second. This means that his understanding of the game logic is superior to that of most players. 

3. Liquid Poach

He not only crashes competition in most games but also helps peers improve performance. A skilled player and talented leader, Liquid Poach keeps team morale high. Alleviating his partners’ fears easily, he works miracles in teams with consistent players. Surviving standoffs that destroy almost everyone, and firing laser-focused shots, he is rightfully included in the top three.

4. NotVivid

He may be called the most consistent and efficient player to date. He manages to take out rivals with minimum effort. In terms of crafting, NotVivids can create flawless structures without wasting any mats.

5. TSM Myth

This pro is a dominant player and a masterful builder. Aside from that, he was in the Top 20 for all-time kills and is currently in the Top 20 for all-time wins. He has clearly mastered every aspect of Fortnite survival.

6. Faze Cloak 

The leader of the FaZe team has been incredibly effective in propelling them to the top. This player can make any team great. As a solo fighter, he is truly adept, but his main talent lies in the organizational field.

7. Ghost Saf

This player does incredible things in duos, and his solo performance is impressive. His adaptability allows him to survive in any mode, and he can suppress his ego when the situation requires it. 

8. NRG Zayt

His successes are consistent, and he uses his knowledge of the game mechanics to secure wins, even under intense pressure. He has been one of the top earners for a few years now, and only a few players in North America have higher fees than him. 

9. High Distortion

Despite relatively modest numbers, this player is a legend in the Solo vs. Squad format. Acting alone, he can eliminate coordinated teams that is a rare talent.

10. Ghost Bizzle

This fighter is known to help less experienced players reach the top. He is a desirable addition to any squad or duo, and he is sure to help you bring your A-game.

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