Why Fortnite Stats Matter and How to Use Them

Fortnite stats are the sources of valuable information for players and bettors alike. As a player, you can use them to monitor your progress and compete with friends. If you place bets on upcoming Esports tournaments, you need to know which teams are currently on top. 

Esports Stats

Bettors can head to resources like Fortnite Esports Wiki to make an informed decision. The results of past tournaments help predict the outcome of future ones. For each team, you can check current status, active roster, logo, recent changes, and previous tournaments’ results. 

Naturally, solo Fortnite rating matters, too. This is especially true when a team acquires a new player. Here are the key indicators depicting each player’s performance in the game.

  • Wins 

This indicator shows the overall wins you have had since you started the game. The modes used do not matter, as the number is merged. 

  • Win %

To get this figure, the total number of wins is divided by the total number of games played. The higher the percentage is, the more wins a player has got, and vice versa. This means the total wins stat does not mean much on its own.  

  • Kills 

This shows how many opponents you have killed. It is best considered in combination with other stats, such as Kills per match and Kill-to-Death-ratio.

  • Kills Per Match 

As the name suggests, this stat reflects the average number of rivals killed per game. The higher the number is, the more aggressive the player style is. Such people usually tend to engage in fights early, while the opposite shows a defensive strategy. 

  • K/D 

This signifies Kill-to-Death-ratio, and thus shows the number of kills you have per each death. 

  • Top Ten

This indicator shows the number of times you managed to remain among the last survivors in the game. In teams and squads, getting to an impressive Top X is easier than in the solo mode for obvious reasons. 

  • Score 

Finally, Score is the accumulated indicator based on your performance since the very start. It includes several categories of the stats mentioned above, and the more experienced the player is, the higher his score will be, as more hours have been spent playing. 


Use Fortnite Tracker to keep track of all players. What makes this website special is stats across many of the platforms where the game is played. You can access rankings for all players on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. 


The site also offers its rating system called TRN. Here, all Fortnite players are assigned a score from 0 to 5000. Every newly registered player receives 1200 automatically. The underlying formula is complex, taking into account various stat types. Basically, it is an unofficial measurement of players’ abilities, but the stats could be useful for monitoring own progress. 


This tab allows you to filter Fortnite players based on categories different from TSN. For instance, you may see who has the most Kills or Wins, most minutes played, best K/D,  and so on.

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