How to Boost Fortnite Stats

The brainchild of Epic Games, Fortnite is insanely popular, with millions of adults and kids adoring the game. Centered around fighting and survival, it often includes a hundred contestants striving to remain the last one standing. This makes Fortnite a true cultural phenomenon. Fighters need to exhibit a set of special skills. Here are a few tips to help you push your stats up.

1. Loot Like a Flash

Learn to move fast. Looting a fully equipped rival should take no more than three seconds. To ensure smoothness, make use of the pickaxe. This tool reduces the chances of mistakes to a minimum. You will be able to collect all of the ammo and materials that you need and have room for. 

2. Hone Movements

Work on both speed and agility. When sneaking up on opponents, crouch, as it makes your footsteps quieter. During fights, avoid running in a straight line all the time. Try zigzag patterns and unexpected jumps. When it comes to dangers like duels and sniper fire, your movements should be unpredictable to others.

3. Accumulate Resources Whenever You Can

Never let materials run out. Every time you walk past a tree, remember to hit it and acquire some extra resources. However, exercise caution and do not spend too long working on tall trees, as it might draw unwanted attention to you. The same logic applies to furniture. Cupboards, bookcases, and beds can all give even more of the desired mats. 

4. Create Walls

In battles, it is always best to gain an elevated position which is protected from the sides. Hence, never disregard the importance of solid walls that will block enemy shots. This will ensure you stay alive longer. While reviving or healing, or in the midst of crossfire, you need a good shelter. 

5. Keep Track of Your Stats

Monitor your stats to measure the actual performance. This will show if you are actually making any progress. On the Internet, you can find specialized forums giving access to the current game standings in the leaderboard and your stats dynamics. Pay special attention to your win rate or K/D ratio on several game modes. Of course, you will also have a reason to show off to your buddies!

6. Fight Bravely

If you think you can win by killing time in a hiding place, think again. Do not shy away from engaging in actual fighting. Despite the higher odds of dying, you will gain the necessary skills and master the art of elimination. This will bring enormous benefits later on. 

Dare to land in crowded areas, practice the craft and gain valuable experience. Nothing will improve your shooting aside from the actual shooting practice. After all, to remain the last one standing, you will have to face your rival and defeat him.

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